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Keep your teams aligned and your products
at the centre of everything


Prodigy is an organisation-wide product management tool which keeps the company's product offerings at the centre of the organisation and in constant alignment with their markets.

Prodigy is a user-friendly, multi-featured tool which brings simplicity and control to all your product management processes but it does require whole organisation buy-in.

Prodigy goes far beyond product planning. It links all elements of your organisation in 'big picture' and 'small picture' ways, breaking critical paths into logical tasks and deadlines.

Team member see what they need to see, from senior managers to customer-facing staff. Deadlines are flagged green, amber or red and visibility across the system can be tweaked at any stage.


Increase productivity levels

Structured workflows with clear, transparent deadlines reassure managers that team members are comfortable in their work and that all teams are on track. A facility for parallel workflows with varying processes supports regulatory or budget variations.

Know the truth


In a recent study, 52% of chief executives said that they had to waste valuable time hunting for key information in emails, video files, web pages, PDFs, documents and other sources. *

When documents get lost or mislaid, it is difficult to know with certainty what decisions were made in the past, or why they were made. Prodigy keeps everything in a single, locked-down repository.


With Prodigy, approvers receive all required background information to make the approval, with outstanding items being flagged as 'urgent' on the prioritisation dashboard.

Enable several different processes concurrently and support regulatory or budgetary variations from anywhere in the world.

Prodigy sets parameters to monitor how product managers are using the system and to provide an immediate view of how effectively people are doing their jobs. Which means teams can be recognised and rewarded on data, rather than intuition or broad impression


Receive continuous updated, detailed reports

Prodigy provides vast amounts of data to compile highly flexible, detailed reports at every stage, with all information stored in one secure place.

Bring distant teams together

Prodigy allows communication and idea-sharing from many sources. Ideas can be channelled through appropriate personnel with different levels of urgency.

The peer-to-peer Salesforce 'Chatter' facility allows for external validation of original ideas before they have to be submitted to management teams.

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