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Product Governance to keep your universe aligned

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Profit from improved oversight and product governance

See the power of PRODIGY

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Prodigy brings all your teams around the product management table - wherever they are geographically - setting out everything they need in easy, bite-sized pieces.

A recent study said 70% of company executives view 'silo mentality' as the biggest obstacle to customer service. *

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For product management teams, connecting the technical or engineering side of a business with the sales and revenue generating side is a key challenge - and vital for success.

Prodigy reins in the complexity of product governance. It lets you take account of any number of jurisdictions and compliance environments.

And it brings transparent structure to your product management across the entire lifecycle.

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" Across product teams, across product lifecycles, across jurisdictions,
Prodigy unites your business around a common view of your commercial proposition. "

Mr Steve Bird, Commercial Director, Idea Group